BCA President’s Message – November 2020

Greetings to all of our Burlington Conservative Association members and supporters.  Here we are in November and these last few months seem to have come by quickly and maybe too quickly, as the weather seems to be rolling in so fast that it’s not sure if it should be cold or warm!

In my summer message to you I wrote about the growth of our membership and I’m happy to say this has remained consistent.  With the CPC formally opening all EDAs for candidate nominations our Candidate Nomination Committee (CNC) has now formally been initiated, picking up on the search activities that were already active, and the BCA has commenced meeting with various interested individuals as they begin the application process.  We have multiple people currently evaluating this decision and beginning the steps towards completing the application.  Once these individuals have been vetted by the CPC’s National Candidate Selection Committee, they will each be interviewed by the BCA CNC for recommendation.  If we end up with more than one nomination contestant, then a Nomination Meeting will be organized for our members to vote for their choice for Candidate.  For more information on the nomination process and the contestant rules & eligibility please click here https://burlingtonconservativeassociation.ca/your-candidate/

With the excitement of having our new leader Erin O’Toole in place, the Conservative Party of Canada has seen very strong quarterly donations.  We’re very thankful to our members for supporting the BCA over the years.  As a reminder, when you donate to the Burlington Conservative Association your donations stay in Burlington and directly support us in activities for our members, events to attract new members and in preparation for an upcoming election.  As you’re already aware, with the Liberal minority government we must be prepared for an election in the near future.  We understand the difficulties so many families are dealing with as a result of the economic challenges from COVID-19 within our community, however we ask that if you’re able to make a donation between now and December 31st, it will be very much appreciated.  For example, a donation of $400 will make a difference in our preparation for an election and you’ll receive a 2020 tax credit of $300 therefore only costing you $100.  We’ve heard you voice your concerns on the complete mismanagement of this Trudeau government and we will work with you, our leader Erin O’Toole and our fellow Conservatives across Canada to bring back a Conservative government that will fight for you and your family.  To make a donation towards your local BCA please follow this link https://burlingtonconservativeassociation.ca/donate/ for instructions on donating via personal credit card or cheque.

Like many areas of our lives in 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic will also cause changes to our Remembrance Day service.  The 35-minute ceremony will include a colour guard, two minutes of silence, music performed by members of the Burlington Teen Tour Band and the reciting of Flanders Fields.  To view the live streaming, go to http://burlingtonlegion.com/ at 10:50 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020. The ceremony will also be available for viewing afterwards.

There will also be change in how we can operate our Annual General Meeting taking place on December 5th, 2020.  Please read the notifications being sent to you enabling your participation.  I ask for your ongoing support through donations, volunteering and following along online through our social channels such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our BCA website where you can also subscribe to our email updates.

I wish all your days ahead to be healthy and safe as we make our way through the remainder of 2020!

Best regards

Ross Noble
Burlington Conservative Association