Thank you for donating to BCA in 2022. Your Official Receipt was mailed out to you in mid January.

Donate to the federal Burlington Conservative Association by credit card or by cheque and all your money stays in Burlington and supports our local federal riding association.

For example: If you give a total of $100.00 in this calendar year, it costs you only $25.00 after the tax credit. The entire $100.00 however, goes to our Burlington Conservative Association and helps us elect a Conservative MP in the next election.

Business donations are not allowed under Elections Canada rules.

Please make only personal donations and use your residential (home) address.

The maximum one year total for 2023 is $1,700.00 for combined contributions to Nomination Contestants, Candidates & Conservative Associations. Please do not exceed this maximum.

To see all Elections Canada contribution information click here

To see CRA federal political contribution information click here

If you have any BCA donation questions please use our contact form


   Donate by Cheque

If you wish to donate by PERSONAL cheque,

make your cheque payable to: Burlington Conservative Association

The tax credit will be for the year of the cheque. Cheques must be received by December 31st for current year’s tax credit. (No BUSINESS cheques allowed.)

For ‘Joint Personal Cheques’ – the tax receipt goes to the person who signs the cheque.

Mail to: Burlington Conservative Association, P.O. Box 85053 Burlington, ON L7R 4K3