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In addition to upholding our conservative values, our association exists largely to support our Conservative candidate for Burlington. For the past 9 years Mike’s work throughout the riding has been legendary and you will be hard pressed to find anyone that does not have a ‘Mike’ story to tell.  His laugh is unmistakable and his love for Burlington is beyond dispute.

As we build our association and work toward Federal Election 2019, we must always remind ourselves and others how strong a Federal Government…a Conservative government…is needed here in Canada.  Our Prime Minister was a leader on the world stage and the Canadian economy under his watch was continually lauded by financial analysts. Many Canadians are already publicly voicing a wish for a return to that strong stable Conservative government. After the coming four years of Liberal’s promised deficits, weakened security for our country and weakened punishment for crimes, Burlington and Canada will be striving to bring back the Conservative values we hold so dear to our hearts.

If you think like we do and understand the importance of working to regain a strong Conservative government in Ottawa, we challenge you to take the next step…get involved!  Take out a membership, make a donation, come out to one of our events, or simply follow us on social media.  But please do get involved and invite a friend or family member to do the same. You can and will make a difference.

Ron Finnigan

President, Burlington Conservative Association





Ron Finnigan  President

David Cherry  Vice President (Strategic Planning Chair)

Dorothy Lundy  Vice President (Membership Chair)

Marilyn Hunter  Vice President (Communications Chair)

Ivars Kops  Secretary

Stan Hannaford  Treasurer (Chief Financial Agent)

Greg Arnocki

Ron Bowers

Wayne Brown

Colette Ertel

Mark Fedak

Derek Hebb  (Fundraising Chair)

Pat Hewitt

Helen Hooker

Michael Ireland

Norm Jackson

Bev Jacobs

Kris Kowalchuk

John MacMillan

Tayler Morin

Audrey Nesbitt

Lynda O’Meara

Patti Passmore

Mark Preston (Past President)

Joe Pyche

Jayson Stansfield

James Tuck

Bob Wingfield

Bob Van De Vrande


Candidate of Record

Mike Wallace – Burlington’s MP from 2006 to 2015


Special thanks to outgoing board member Donald Rowat.



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