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Building on the momentum of the 2017 election of our new leader, Andrew Scheer and our Halifax 2018 Policy Convention, we are planning a number of local events for our members during the coming months.

We typically host two kinds of local events during the year:
· Fundraising events – For example, in the past two years our fundraising events have included Niagara wine tours, an indoor golf tournament and Raptors basketball, with a significant portion of dollars raised helping to fund our re-election efforts in 2019.
· Social events – These are fun events that bring us together to hear great speakers and to enjoy each other’s company. Our Veterans’ Appreciation Event is a great example of a social event that we have held annually for several years with excellent turnouts and some outstanding speakers.

It is just months until the 2019 Federal Election. We always appreciate receiving your suggestions for event ideas that will help achieve our goal of bringing Burlington back to its Conservative roots.
Please give some thought to possible events that we can begin to organize. You can submit your suggestions by using our CONTACT form or mail us at BCA, PO Box 85053, Burlington ON L7R 4K3.

Derek Hebb

President, Burlington Conservative Association




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