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To become or remain a MEMBER of the federal Conservative Party of Canada please Join or Renew today through CPC! CPC Members living in our Riding of Burlington are automatic members of our Burlington Conservative Association!

Federal Conservative Party of Canada membership fees per person:

One Year     $15
Two Years    $25
Three Years $35
Four Years   $45
Five Years    $50

  • RENEW online by credit card (VISA/MC/AMEX)
  • RENEW offline by cheque or credit card on a downloadable/printable form
  • RENEW by phone TOLL FREE – 1 866 808 8407

NOTE! You will receive renewal notices by email, phone or mail* when it is time to renew – from both the Party & our Association! For lapsed memberships, there is a 3 month grace period for renewal, so to maintain your voting rights your CPC membership gives, renew before the 3 months are are up! (* mail only for those without email or phone number)

Although the Party encourages you to donate to CPC when you join or renew – consider donating to our ‘BCA’ association instead as 100% of your money stays in Burlington to help us fight the next election. DONATE to BCA Here

To check your Membership status with CPC (you just need your email and postal code) – click HERE

Call the CPC toll free Help Line – 1 866 808 8407 for assistance or contact BCA HERE