JANUARY 11, 2016

OTTAWA – The Prime Minister has indicated that he will be in Davos, Switzerland next week to speak at this year’s World Economic Forum, where he’ll try and convince world and international business leaders that higher taxes and massive deficits are roadmaps toward prosperity.

“Accompanying the Prime Minister is an International Trade Minister who doesn’t think it’s her job to persuade anyone that the TPP is a good deal for Canada, and has been silent on the Canada-EU trade agreement,” said International Trade Critic Gerry Ritz.

Trudeau’s audience won’t be fooled with statements like “we will signal the return of a more positive, open and innovative Canada to the international business community”, when our previous Conservative government was the most positive, open and innovative government to the international business community and to international trade in Canadian history.

Liberals say that Canada is a trading nation, but Conservatives are the ones who actually believe it. In the 13 years that the Liberals were previously in government, they only managed three trade agreements, whereas the Conservatives signed over 40 trade deals.

Saying a lot without saying anything is what Canadians have become accustomed to with Prime Minister Trudeau. With meaningless statements like “we will focus not only on enhancing the prosperity of Canadians, but of all global citizens in an inclusive way”, no one actually knows what he substantively means.

The Prime Minister is now substituting Liberal spin in place of policy for fear of adding to his growing list of broken promises.