January 10, 2017

OTTAWA – Candice Bergen, the Official Opposition House Leader, issued the following statement today following the Prime Minister’s cabinet shuffle:

“The failures of the Liberal government are Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s responsibility. Changing the faces of the cabinet will not change the Prime Minister’s bad judgment and fundamentally flawed direction for the country.

“While Prime Minister Trudeau has had a lot of fun in his first year in office, the Prime Minister and his ministers, regardless of who they are, must make securing Canadian jobs and lowering Canadian taxes a top priority. With the incoming U.S. administration comes the potential for increased U.S. protectionism and lower taxes south of the border. This new reality makes the job of securing Canadian jobs and ensuring lower taxes crucial to ensuring Canadian competitiveness.

“We know that the Prime Minister desperately wants to change the channel on his cash-for-access dinners, outlandish holidays and out-of-control spending. However shuffling the cabinet deck by replacing a few ministers simply won’t do it.

“Instead of rubbing elbows with billionaires and raking in cash for the Liberal Party, the Prime Minister needs to get down to real work because his plan for Canadians simply isn’t working. A new cabinet won’t change that. His policies have failed and will continue to fail Canadian families. They have made life more expensive and are killing jobs. The Prime Minister said that he would create jobs and growth, but he has only delivered out of control government spending. Deficits are projected to continue through to 2055. Full-time job growth has been abysmal.

“When the House of Commons returns, Conservatives will continue to be the voice of the taxpayer. We are the only party to oppose the Prime Minister’s agenda of uncontrolled spending, deficits and higher taxes.”