Securing Canada’s Borders & Protecting Canadians


  • Governments have no greater responsibility than protecting the security and lives of its people.


  • Our Government understands the threats we face and will respond responsibly, but without ambiguity.


  • We are eternally grateful to the men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line everyday defending our freedoms.


  • We will continue to take the actions necessary to keep Canadians safe.


  • Economic Action Plan 2015 introduces a number of measures dedicated to protecting Canadians and bolstering our security, including:


  • Increasing the Annual Escalator for National Defence’s Budget to 3 Per Cent starting in 2017-18 in order to better address the security needs of the future.


  • Extending Canada’s Mission to Counter ISIS through additional funding for the Canadian Armed Forces.


  • Expanding Canada’s Capacity to Deliver Training Assistance to the Ukrainian Security Forces through an investment of $7.1 million.


  • Upgrading the base security at Canadian Armed Forces Bases through an investment of $23 million over 4 years.


  • Providing Additional Investigative Resources to Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies to counter violent jihadist terrorism.


  • Enhancing the Collection of Foreign Intelligence through a new investment.


  • Protecting Canada’s Cyber Systems by upgrading critical systems and infrastructure and supporting the operators of these systems which are critical to national security.


  • Enhancing Security on Parliament Hill in order to better protect Canada’s lawmakers and citizens at our seat of democracy.


  • Improving the Security and Integrity of the Canadian Immigration System by expanding the use of biometric screening.


  • Making it Easier and Faster for Legitimate Travelers to Come to Canada by leveraging investments made under the Beyond the Border Action Plan.


  • Enhancing Security Measures at Canada’s Federal Courts and Registry Offices in order to better protect prominent public spaces.


  • These actions build on others that our Government has taken since 2006, including:


  • Investing $5.8 billion in federal infrastructure funding, of which a large portion is being allocated for Department of Defence and Canadian Forces improvements.


  • Renewing the NORAD agreement in perpetuity in May 2006 and adding a maritime warning mission to the mandate of the bi-national Canada-United States command.


  • Launching a national shipbuilding procurement strategy worth $40 billion over 30 years to ensure long-term certainty for Canada’s naval and Coast Guard procurement in the years and decades ahead.


  • Consolidating the Department of Defence building in the National Capital Region to the Carling Campus to better use tax payer dollars and increase departmental efficiency.


  • Announcing a series of Canada First defence procurement investments to support a multi-role, combat-capable force.


  • Making several major purchases when we first took office, including 4 Globemaster strategic airlift crafts, 17 Hercules tactical airlift crafts, 15 Chinook helicopters, and several dozen new Leopard II tanks.


  • Obtaining a new C-17 Globemaster, making it the 5th in the fleet at a cost of $415M.


  • Receiving the first of Canada’s four CC-177 Globemaster III strategic lift aircrafts, which delivered supplies to Jamaica 12 days following Hurricane Dean. The remaining three aircrafts were delivered by April 2008.


  • Re-opening the Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, with an investment of $200 million in funding over the next 20 years.


  • Planning the purchase and lease of helicopters and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to help provide Canadians and our allies with the security and support needed to rebuild Afghanistan with a financial commitment of up to $437 million.


  • Purchasing 100 Leopard tanks to support our mission in Afghanistan, through a commitment of $650 million.


  • Providing over $8 million in support of new equipment for Canada’s search and rescue response teams.


Increased funding for National Defence
Chart 4.3.1
Incremental Funding for National Defence: Increasing the Annual Escalator to 3 per cent

Incremental Funding for National Defence: Increasing the    Annual Escalator to 3 per cent

Source: Department of Finance.