[Meanwhile, a second Liberal MP told The Hill Times that his colleagues were “super nervous” because their party has made too many “unforced errors” related to ethical issues since forming government in 2015. He said that the main cause of concern for MPs is that the average Canadian doesn’t understand all the complicated details of those controversies, and they could draw “conclusions unfavourable to us.”

“People [MPs] don’t understand why are we even dealing with it, doesn’t make any sense,” said the second Liberal MP who spoke on the condition of anonymity to offer his opinion candidly.

“They’re starting to be very concerned about the ethical implications of what’s going on, that’s essentially it. They feel the situation is not a happy one. The opposition parties are portraying us as a bunch of entitled elitists who are in government to look after themselves.”]

Rookie Liberal MPs ‘super nervous’ about Morneau’s ethical issues, worried Grits look like a ‘bunch of entitled elitists’

from the Hill Times

PUBLISHED :Monday, Nov. 27, 2017 12:00 AM

Rookies and numerous Liberal MPs representing ridings won by close margins in 2015 are becoming “super nervous” about the ongoing explosive ethics controversies that have dogged Finance Minister Bill Morneau in recent weeks, and caused embarrassment to other senior Liberals over the last two years, and say these “unforced errors” give credence to the “false” perception the Liberals are “a bunch of entitled elitists” who are disconnected from average Canadians.

“It’s perception, right, it’s perception,” said one Liberal MP who spoke to The Hill Times on a not-for-attribution basis. “These are the issues that take [the attention] away from the other message [to help the middle class] that we want to focus on.”

[In the last election, the Liberals won 14 more seats than they needed to form a majority government. The margins of victory in the 14 tightest victories for the Trudeau Liberals in 2015 were between 0.2 and 2.5 per cent.]

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In Election 2015, Burlington’s Liberal MP Karina Gould only won by 3.5%     – info from July 2017 Hill Times article “Trudeau’s 14-seat majority could ‘easily’ be reduced to minority ‘or worse’ in 2019…”

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