NOVEMBER 14, 2015

Good Afternoon,

I want to express the condolences of Canada’s Official Opposition and indeed all Canadians to the people of Paris and of France regarding the sickening attacks last evening.

Like many of you, I watched in shock as Parisians faced the horrors of attacks on ordinary citizens simply out enjoying a dinner with friends, or doing the things we all do as citizens in a free society each and every day.

Canadians stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Paris and all French citizens at this time. As well, we continue our support for France`s efforts to confront ISIS.

As Leader of Canada`s Official Opposition, I want to be clear that our position remains that Canada should not withdraw the Royal Canadian Air Force and from the coalition currently fighting against ISIS.

That`s why I am also calling on the Liberal Government to immediately change its position on withdrawing Canada`s CF-18s and related military assistance from Iraq and Syria.

Canada has rightly been providing both military and humanitarian aid to the region, and we believe it is important to do both.

Yesterday`s terrorist attacks make us even more resolute that we must continue the fight. The Prime Minister would have the support of the Official Opposition should he decide to change his position.

The crime of terror is an assault on all people, and today, we stand resolute with our friends across the ocean.