September 5, 2014  Burlington Post

I usually reserve this column to highlight legislation or policy that the House of Commons is reviewing, but today I want to take the opportunity to thank our community for the support that they have shown for the victims of the Aug. 4 flood. Many have been struggling as they deal with the emotional, physical and financial hardship that this disaster has inflicted on them, through no fault of their own. The destruction for some was worse than I could ever have imagined.

Like many families in Burlington, our basement was severely damaged by the water that backed up through our floor drains and shower.

As I meet with people in my office, at our local stores, at the laundromat or in my neighbourhood, the topic of conversation invariably turns to the Aug. 4 flood. Everyone has a different story to tell, ranging from the amount of water that entered their homes, the level of service they received from the restoration companies, their insurance coverage, or the response from the Region of Halton and the City of Burlington.

Although it has been a month since the flood occurred, the impact will be felt by our city and its residents for many months to come.

I am confident that the region and the city will be reviewing their infrastructure and water removal systems as they work towards finding a solution.

I want to thank everyone who offered a helping hand to families in Burlington that were affected by the flood.

Local service clubs, businesses, emergency response units and hundreds of individuals have come together to assist our victims.

Whether you helped to clean up a wet and destroyed basement, provided a meal to your tired and distraught friend or relative, donated money to the United Way of Burlington and Greater Hamilton’s Burlington Flood Relief fund, or opened up your home so your neighbour could do their laundry, I want to personally thank each of you.

It is these acts of kindness that make Burlington the No. 1 city to live in Canada.

We don’t need a magazine to tell us what we already know.

– Mike Wallace