Open Letter to Burlington Conservatives

October 27th – Liberal 40% and Conservative 26%

November 13th – Liberal 34 % and Conservative 28%

December 12th – Liberal 38% and Conservative 30%

December 29th – Liberal 35% and Conservative 34%

January 18th – Liberal 31% and Conservative 37%

January 22nd – Liberal 30% and Conservative 36%

What are the above numbers? They are the public opinion polls from Nanos Research from October.

But not last October but October 27th, 2005 to January 22nd, 2006. This was the day before the date of the Federal Election where Stephen Harper defeated Prime Minister Paul Martin.

Was Nanos polling accurate? Yes, as the winning percentages on election day were Liberal 30 % and Conservative 36%. I remember this very clearly as I was the winning Conservative Candidate in Burlington and it was our victory that helped deliver the 1st Conservative minority government under Prime Minster Stephen Harper.

My message is 3-fold;

  1. Elections Count: At the beginning of the election, I had a lot of people in Burlington telling me I could not win.  The national press was very skeptical we could win. We fought a winter election, over the Christmas holidays, starting behind in the public opinion polls.  Our hardworking team both locally and across Canada delivered leadership and a vision that delivered a Conservative government.

Our team and platform will, with your support, deliver a Conservative government and defeat Justin Trudeau in the next election. I am part of the proof we can make it happen!

  1. Leadership Substance Matters: In the beginning of the 2006 Election very few “political commentators” gave Stephen Harper much of a chance to beat the untouchable Paul Martin.

I am confident that Canadians will recognize the significant difference between the “showman” Justin Trudeau and the competence and experienced leadership of Erin O’Toole.

  1. Media is Opinion not News: The vast majority of today’s mainstream media is simply commentary from those who are paid to produce something for the platform for which they have a contract. Their opinion is most often not based on research or even actual events. Many times, I would be in attendance at a meeting and based on the “reporting” I would have thought I was at a different meeting.

Do not get caught up in the “media” commentary. Most people who pay close attention to the media are more politically in tune and often have a well defined personal political choice.  It is important to follow what is being said but make sure our Conservative message is delivered to everyone one you can reach. If we do not believe and support our vision for Canada who will?

Finally, I want to thank you for your support of the Conservative Party, our leader Erin O’Toole and our vision for Canada. Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government once said “Canada is back” but in reality, they are sending us backwards! It is only the Conservative Party, with your help, that can stop Canada’s backslide!


Mike Wallace

Former Burlington MP 2006 – 2015