Thanks for Joining or Renewing with CPC online through BCA. By joining online with BCA you will be part of our great association here in Burlington and also a member of the Conservative Party of Canada. All membership information and payment will be transferred to the Conservative Fund Canada on your behalf.

This online form is set up to allow you to join/renew as a family. If your mailing address is different than your required residential address – please enter this in the Comment Box. Please read the following carefully before filling out this form. Thanks!

NOTE: For Family Membership all household members must live at the same address and consist of an applicant, spouse/partner, and minor children (14 yrs to 17 yrs of age – birthdate(s) must be given for minor children). For ‘Families’ please enter the # of family members (up to 6) in the box between the + [ ] – sign below. The total amount will be TALLIED for you. CPC Bylaws do not allow us to accept more than 6 per form. For families with more than 6 members – please use our form again as needed. e.g. 3 family members for 1 year each = 3 X $15 = $45

For family members #2 up to #6 please enter: title (optional), first name, last name, email (if different from Family Member #1). Please separate each with a comma. For minor children (14 to 17), date of birth (d/m/y) is required by CPC. You may add additional info in the Comment Box.