April 23, 2016

Today, the Conservative Party National Council voted to update our Party’s membership fees.

Back when the National Council passed the modest increase to the price of one-year memberships, it did so with the intention of encouraging longer-term sign ups to the party. And while that goal was met – the party saw a significant surge in longer-term members – all National Councilors pride themselves in listening to the feedback of grassroots Conservatives.

To continue to encourage Canadians to sign-up for longer term memberships with the party, the National Council didn’t just lower the one-year membership, but lowered all the remaining years as well.

The breakdown for Conservative Party membership fees are now:

One Year $15
Two Year $25
Three Year $35
Four Year $45
Five Year $50

All online & offline CPC / BCA membership forms have been updated to reflect these changes!

Please consider Joining or Renewing today!