A message from Matthijs Van Gaalen, Vice President CPC National Council:

My fellow conservatives, this week was a difficult one for our conservative movement. I have received so many calls, texts, emails and messages asking for an update, expressing frustration, and demanding answers. Now I would like to provide everyone with some insights.

First, I want to thank my wife, Sandra Cobena, and my family for their patience this weekend. We had our Sinterklaas celebration on Saturday and they were supportive despite the swell of calls in which I needed to participate.

Second, our leader remains Andrew Scheer as he was endorsed by the caucus to continue to serve as leader and will continue to do so until a future leader of the party can be selected.

Third, our party will be looking for an (interim) executive director of the party to replace our friend, Dustin van Vugt; his expertise and insights will be missed. This sensitive employment situation was exclusively handled by the Fund in consultation with the President. The National Council (other than the President) neither was involved nor had knowledge of this matter prior to its coverage in the media.

Fourth, the National Council will be having meetings every other day this week to discuss the formation and membership on the Leadership Election Organizing Committee and the impact of recent events on the April Convention. Updates will be forthcoming.

Fifth, I have re-learned how mainstream media reporting is completely inaccurate and full of rumours. Every article was presented as fact and yet the details continually were being updated and revised. Mainstream media presents itself as “truth” and is trusted as such. Its complete disrespect for identifying “truth” prior to reporting on rumours is extremely damaging to our society and our understand of what is “truth”. Please consider this fact when reading breaking news stories; they are often rumours and full of inaccuracies; this is especially true in this case as they are working to discredit the Conservative Party.

Thank you for your continued trust in the Conservative Party in the good times and the difficult times. You have a team of volunteers in the Fund and the National Council, including my Ontario colleagues Bert Chen, Shir Barzilay and Simon Chapelle, that behind the scenes are volunteering hundreds of hours each year because of our love for the conservative movement.

FYI – For CPC National Council members, of which Ontario has 4 – click HERE