May 1, 2017

Today’s fundraising results are the clearest indication yet of Canadians growing tired of an out-of-touch Liberal government that serves themselves rather than serving the taxpayers. Over 30% more Canadians have donated to the Conservative Party than the Liberals, while the amount raised is almost double the Liberals’ amount.

This is in addition to the Conservative Party announcing a record number of members joining the party to take part in its ongoing leadership race. More than a quarter of a million Canadians are now Conservative Party members.

In the first quarter of 2017, the Conservative Party raised $5.3 million total from over 42,000 contributors. By comparison, the Liberals fundraised just $2.8 million from just over 31,000 contributors, and the NDP fundraised over $900,000 from over 13,000 contributors.

“It should come as no surprise the Liberals are struggling. For months the Liberals used cash-for-access fundraisers to pad their coffers,” said Cory Hann, Conservative Party Director of Communications. “Advertised as exclusive soirées with the Prime Minister and other cabinet ministers, connected insiders with deep pockets and a big stake in government decisions were able to bend the ears of the country’s most influential financial decision makers in exchange for a Liberal Party donation. These were clearly against the Liberals own ethics rules, and forced them to stop.

“The first quarter fundraising result shows what happens when Liberals have to fundraise by the rules. When they can’t rely on selling access to the Government of Canada and hiding behind fundraising numbers inflated by their cash-for-access schemes, we get a clear picture of Canadians who are fed up with a Liberal government nickel and diming them to death.”