Federal Conservatives take a hard look at what went wrong

Last weekend, 125 Conservatives from across Ontario gathered to talk — frankly and openly — about why the party failed to connect with voters in the 2019 election
By Steve Paikin – Published on Nov 15, 2019

Jasveen Rattan has a bandage on her forehead. It’s covering a four-stitch wound that she opened on her forehead three days earlier. She fell while cleaning up her campaign office.

Welcome to the joys of politics.

On October 21, Rattan watched the federal-election returns and discovered that, in finishing second, she’d become the most successful Conservative candidate the Toronto riding of York South–Weston had seen in 40 years.

And she still lost by 18,000 votes. York South–Weston is a tough riding for conservatives — progressive or otherwise. She’d be forgiven for feeling lousy.

Yet when the Conservative Leadership Foundation held a daylong symposium at the Albany Club, in Toronto, on November 9, there was Rattan — along with 125 other right-leaning stalwarts.

Yes, she’s now dedicated to politics and to figuring out why the 2019 election went so badly for her party in Ontario.

The Conservatives took only 36 out of 121 seats in Canada’s richest provincial prize.

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