On May 27, 2017 the Conservative Party of Canada will elect a new leader to defeat the Trudeau Liberals in 2019!

To vote for the new leader, you must hold an active Conservative Party membership as of March 28th 2017.     

 Join / Renew now and become a member of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Burlington Conservative Association.


The Leadership Convention is being held on May 27th at the Toronto Congress Centre located near Toronto Pearson International Airport.

As a member you will receive a ballot around April 28th. Do not lose this ballot!

HOW TO VOTE click for vote details

To vote you can mail this ballot in (must be received by Friday May 26th – by 5 pm ET) or take this ballot with you to vote in Toronto on Saturday May 27th – between 10 am and 4 pm at the Toronto Congress Centre (no cost to just drop in and vote).


HOW VOTING WORKS: Here’s a great article on the #CPCLDR Voting Process

Click her for PDF on Leadership Voting Procedure

Check back often for more details!

CZG1An1WEAIH1atClick here for CPC Leadership Candidates’ INFO

Registered leadership candidates alphabetically:

Chris Alexander
Maxime Bernier
Steven Blaney
Michael Chong
Kellie Leitch
Pierre Lemieux
Deepak Obhrai
Erin O’Toole
Rick Peterson
Lisa Raitt
Andrew Saxton
Andrew Scheer

Registered candidate Kevin O’Leary has dropped out of the race as of April 26th – here’s Laura Stone’s full interview


All debates have now taken place – but you can watch them all by clicking on the livestream links below!

1st CPC Leadership Debate – Saskatoon November 9, 2016  REWATCH  LIVESTREAM HERE

2nd CPC Leadership Debate – Moncton December 6, 2016  REWATCH  LIVESTREAM HERE

3rd CPC Leadership Debate – Quebec City January 17th, 2017 REWATCH LIVESTREAM HERE

Nova Scotia PC Leadership Debate February 4, 2017 ( all 14 CPC LDR Candidates) Rewatch YouTube Video Here

4th CPC Leadership Debate  – Edmonton February 28th, 2017 REWATCH  LIVESTREAM HERE

5th & Final CPC Leadership Debate – Toronto in April 26th, 2017 REWATCH LIVESTREAM HERE

A source of up to date CPC Leadership news: CPC Leadership info from Wikipedia

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