September 15, 2016

The Interim Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Rona Ambrose, along with Party President, Scott Lamb, and Conservative Party National Councillor for Nova Scotia, Rob Batherson, announced the next Conservative Party National Convention will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia in August 23 to 25, 2018. The National Council of the Conservative Party ratified the choice at a meeting earlier in the summer.

“I was so pleased we were able to have Halifax host our caucus meeting, and now we can officially look forward to having our entire Conservative family here in August 2018 to attend the Conservative Party convention,” said Ambrose. “Atlantic Canada is a beautiful place, and for us to showcase it to our members from all across Canada is something I’m very proud of.”

“After a hugely successful convention in Vancouver, I know Halifax will be a great host city for our Conservative members to visit and enjoy while they take part in important work like our policy making process and political training,” said Lamb. “Our Halifax convention will set the agenda for the next federal election with a new leader and a fantastic team of MPs and candidates, as we prepare to present Canadians with our Conservative vision.”

“Our party’s historic connection to Halifax and the entire Atlantic region is a strong one, and it truly is a natural location for Conservatives to gather for our next big convention in 2018,” said Batherson. “I, and other long-time Nova Scotia Tories, especially my predecessor, Cameron MacKeen, worked hard to bring our federal convention to Halifax, and on behalf of Conservatives across the entire province, we look forward to showing our friends from across Canada our famous hospitality. I am genuinely excited to have Halifax host this important event in our party’s history.”

Thousands of Conservative members gather at Conservative conventions held approximately every two years, talking politics and networking while setting policy and electing members to the Conservative Party National Council.

“Halifax, with its vibrant downtown and stunning coastlines, has built a strong reputation for hospitality and providing an excellent experience for convention delegates,” said Helene Moberg, VP Sales, Destination Halifax. “Destination Halifax is thrilled to have worked with the Conservative Party of Canada to secure Halifax as the location for their 2018 National Convention.”

Previous conventions were held in Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Calgary, and, most recently, Vancouver.

The previous Conservative government provided federal funding of more than $51 million for the Halifax Convention Centre, was announced by the Honourable Peter MacKay in August 2011.

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