Championing Canada’s Veterans


  • Our Government has the utmost respect for the brave men and women who have served in the Canadian Armed Forces.


  • It is because of their dedication and commitment that Canadian families continue to live in peace and security.


  • Economic Action Plan 2015 recognizes the importance of veterans and introduces several new measures on their behalf, including:


  • Providing Additional Financial Security for Injured Veterans over the age of 65 through a new Retirement Income Security Benefit.


  • Compensating Disabled Veterans for the Loss of Career Opportunities caused by their disabilities through expanded access to the Permanent Impairment Allowance.


  • Modifying the Earnings Loss Benefit to ensure part-time Reserve Force veterans have access to the benefit calculated in the same manner as regular and full-time Reserve Force veterans.


  • Creating a New Annual Tax-Free Family Caregiver Relief Benefit recognizing the vital contributions of informal caregivers to the health and well-being of veterans.


  • Improving the Ratio of Veterans to Case Managers in order to increase the level of individualized care provided to our Canadian veterans who require regular support.


  • These measures build on our record of support thus far, which includes:


  • Supporting 17 existing and 9 soon-to-open front-line mental health clinics across Canada.


  • Working with the Military Family Resource Centers to support medically releasing Veterans and their families.


  • Hiring new staff to help transfer medical files more quickly and efficiently from National Defence to Veterans Affairs.


  • Almost tripling the total benefit available under the Funeral and Burial program and expanding it to provide funerals for the most destitute Veterans.


  • Creating new monthly financial benefits totaling thousands of dollars each year for seriously injured Veterans.


  • Eliminating over 2 million transactions including forms, emails, and letters between Veterans Affairs and Canadian Veterans just since January, 2013.


  • Investing $282 million to expand the Veterans Independence Program to over 30,000 Veterans’ widows.


  • Increasing Access to Veterans Services, by enabling veterans and their families to engage the Department of Veterans Affairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Honouring Canada’s Veterans, by giving former Canadian Armed Forces personnel priority in federal public service employment opportunities.


  • Investing $2 billion to enhance the New Veterans Charter programs in support of seriously injured Veterans.


  • Providing $19 million in 2007-08 and $20 million thereafter to enhance services for veterans and to establish the Veterans’ Ombudsman.


Taking Action for Veterans

Beginning in March 2015, the Government has announced a series of complementary improvements to the spectrum of benefits and supports available to veterans and their families. As a result of these actions:

  • Moderately to severely disabled veterans—those who need it most—will be provided with continued assistance in the form of a new monthly Retirement Income Security Benefit beginning at age 65.
  • More disabled veterans will receive lifetime support under the Permanent Impairment Allowance.
  • Part-time Reserve Force veterans will receive the same level of income support under the Earnings Loss Benefit as Regular and full-time Reserve Force veterans.
  • Family members taking care of seriously disabled veterans will have their contribution recognized through the new tax-free Family Caregiver Relief Benefit.
  • Eligible veterans and Canadian Armed Forces members will receive a $70,000
    tax-free benefit to recognize and compensate for the most severe and traumatic injuries or diseases.
  • Veterans suffering from severe and complex disabilities will have greater access to Veterans Affairs Canada’s case managers, who will have more time to provide dedicated one-on-one support.
  • Veterans will receive faster decisions on their Disability Benefit applications.