The deadline for applications has been extended to January 24th, 2020!

The Conservative Internship Program is a unique opportunity to learn about politics, develop your skills as a leader, Conservative campaigner, and help to build the Conservative Party of Canada.

Here’s Campus Club link

This is a unique opportunity for our youth supporters to work on the Hill for a summer to learn about government and the art of campaigning from the finest experts in the country. These are fully paid internships that provide excellent high-level exposure early in a youth’s career. They also become excellent youth organizers during campaigns. Applicants will be judged on their past experience with the Party and their involvement with the local EDA and campus club.

If you are attending university please consider joining your university’s Conservative campus club!

Here’s the list: CAMPUS CLUBS

For information about getting involved in our party, the Internship, becoming an official campus club, and more:

send CPC an email.