JANUARY 18, 2016

Seeks meeting with Trudeau to discuss rapidly deteriorating economic situation

TORONTO – The Trudeau government must come forward with a clear plan to deal with low energy prices, declining markets and decreased buying power for Canadians, Official Opposition Leader Rona Ambrose said today, as she kicked off a week of touring to highlight Conservative priorities before the return of Parliament. Ms. Ambrose asked for a meeting with the Prime Minister at the earliest opportunity to discuss the rapidly deteriorating situation.

In a meeting with the Prime Minister, Ms. Ambrose said she would press for three key economic commitments. “First, the Prime Minister needs to commit to a meaningful limit on the amount of additional debt he will put on Canadians, not simply vague commitments on debt-to-GDP ratio,” she said. “Second, the government must commit to signing and ratifying the Trans-Pacific Partnership. And third, to help Canadian families deal with the increased cost of living associated with a weakening Canadian dollar, the government must reverse its decision to cancel income splitting for families.”

Ms. Ambrose said that with a budget seemingly several months away, a meeting with the Prime Minister would focus on moving quickly now to address pressing economic issues. “The government has been in office long enough to have a clear plan to deal with the current economic situation, but the sense of urgency from the Trudeau Liberals has been completely absent. With markets tumbling, the oil price remaining depressed and the dollar weakening, the time is now for the government to demonstrate leadership.”

Ms. Ambrose said the Liberal economic approach shows signs of altering the fundamentally strong foundation the previous government put in place. “It’s taken almost no time for the Liberals to turn a surplus into a deficit,” said Ms. Ambrose. “In the meantime, they’ve effectively abandoned the energy sector, and been ambiguous at best when it comes to opening new export markets through the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In all of these areas, Canadian families and businesses are looking for a plan, and they’re not getting it. The Conservative Party will be the voice for taxpayers and economic growth.”

Ms. Ambrose will be speaking in Toronto today to the Canadian Club, and then was to hold a pre-budget roundtable session in the city.

A copy of Ms. Ambrose’s letter to the Prime Minister is attached here.